Get Rid of Reminders of Love Lost: Rethink Your Ex-Related Ink This VDay

Haunted by an exes’ name inked on your body or around your ring finger? You’re not alone. A tattoo related to an ex partner was the top reason for people to rethink their ink according to a Syneron Candela survey. Of people who have had a tattoo removed, 64% said it was related to an ex. Hey, even Angelia did it.

There might not be much you can do about getting your ex out of your head… but thanks to PicoWay, a new tattoo removal laser by Syneron, it’s easier than ever to remove all traces from your body. Thanks to PicoWay, you no longer have to live with the constant reminder of love lost.

PicoWay offers a faster, easier, and less painful way to remove tattoos, using picosecond pulses to shatter pigment into tiny particles that are then eliminated from the body. You’ll see results in just three or four treatments — speedier than the typical 12 sessions with other lasers. Plus it can be used on all skin tones and ink colors.