Clean Your Closet This Weekend & Make Money: Tips From Linda Lightman

Stuck Inside? It's time to get organized…

A month into the New Year most of us are struggling to keep resolutions. Why not start with a clean slate—which means getting rid of anything you don’t use or want.  This is the perfect time to clean out your home’s clutter and turn that into cash.

That is where Linda Lightman, CEO and Founder of Linda’s Stuff, the largest seller of designer and luxury goods on eBay can help.  She has created her 25 million dollar a year online consignment business by doing just this – selling gently used and new with tags designer and luxury goods including clothing, accessories and jewelry for up to 80% off retail.

We asked Linda to share her tips for scoring the best money for their unwanted items. 


1.      Empty out your closet for the grand purge

2.      Prioritize-Prioritize! Make Yes, No, and Maybe Piles; Donate, Toss, Sell – categories

·         Does it fit?

·         Have I worn it in the last year?

·         Will I ever wear it again?

·         Is this in Style?

·         Does this represent my style?

·         Is this damaged in any way? Will I get it repaired?

·         Would I buy this today?

·         Do I feel good when I wear this?

3.      Follow the one year rule

4.      Invite a friend over to sift through your piles, help you edit, sip cocktails listen to music and laugh with you about all the unfortunate fashion mistakes (we all make)

5.      Once you’ve got STUFF organized send your “sellable” items to Linda’s Stuff