M∙A∙C Cosmetics and The M∙A∙C AIDS Fund Celebrate $400 Million Milestone #VIVAGLAM

At M·A·C, every day is World AIDS Day. The big news this year: the M·A·C AIDS Fund has raised $400 million through the sale of #VIVAGLAM lip products!

viva glam ariana grande

Did You Know:

The M·A·C AIDS Fund was created in 1994 to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS when the pandemic was dramatically affecting the world

Since 1994, every single penny of the selling price of a #VIVAGLAM lip product goes directly to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to help people around the world affected by HIV/AIDS

The M·A·C AIDS Fund is the largest corporate one non-pharmaceutical donor in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Ariana Grande is the 24th #VIVAGLAM 2016 spokesperson

Each year 19,000 M·A·C artists take off their brush belts, roll up their sleeves and volunteer at HIV/AIDS organizations around the world



One #VIVAGLAM lip product can:

·       Purchase 254 condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV

·       Provide fresh fruit, vegetables, and grocery essentials to a mother and child affected by HIV for a full week

·       Provide 32 Safer Sex Kits, which include condoms, lubricant and instructions

·       Provide a clean, safe place to sleep for two nights for one resident living with HIV/AIDS

·       Buy 10 individually tailored, nutritious meals for a person affected by HIV/AIDS

·       Purchase one rapid oral HIV test

·       Provide crisis counseling to a person living with AIDS who is also struggling with drug addiction, mental illness and homelessness

·       Provide a new job interview shirt and tie for one resident at an HIV/AIDS housing organization

·       Buy a pair of school shoes for a child orphaned by AIDS

·       Test 14 pregnant mothers for HIV


Holiday Gifts:

Superstar Miley Cyrus makes a lot of noise as our 2015 spokesperson, with two surefire hits in one exclusive set: a super-sexy hot pink Lipstick and matching Lipglass filled with sparkling pearl shimmer. This holiday collection also features three of our most iconic #VIVAGLAM shades in one sleek little compact. 

Every cent of the selling price of #VIVAGLAM products goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.